National PTA Official Local Leader Kit

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Local PTA Leader Kit!

Local PTA Leader Kit is your year-round resource to support all of your PTA leadership needs. You will find strategies, tips and turn-key tools to ensure your success.

Within a month after you register to access this site, we will mail you a DIY Kit for Membership Growth, which contains what local PTA leaders need for a do-it-yourselves membership plan.

You will follow four simple steps to design your PTA’s Membership P.L.A.N.:
1. Picture who, when and how you will connect with members.
2. Listen to what matters most to your members.
3. Ask your members to join PTA by aligning your efforts to what matters most to them.
4. Nurture relationships with members year-round.

Limited supplies available, so register today at Local PTA Leader Kit and start exploring!

PTA Leaders
Incoming local PTA presidents and leaders can learn how to lead a board of directors, execute the PTA missions and purpose, and successfully run business of a local unit.

This guide shares best practices for budgeting, banking, and conducting a PTA audit, with specialized information on contracts, incorporation, insurance, and federal tax requirements.

This guide shares tips to increase unit membership, including tracking and retaining members, bolstering diversity and inclusiveness, and marketing PTA membership.

PTA programs bring families together with school staff in a way that builds relationships and supports student success, while enriching children’s education and overall well-being.

This guide provides guidance on standards for PTA fundraising, including selecting activities, seeking corporate sponsorship, and understanding the legal implications of fundraising.

This guide shares tips and best practices to be an effective advocate for every child – by educating communities and advocating on all levels of government the PTA way.

This guide shares tips and best practices to effectively share messages with fellow PTA members, school staff and administrators, community members, and the media.