TikTok Concerns

TikTok Concerns

A Message from TikTok: Teen Safety and ‘Challenges’

We are hearing of offline teen dares being suggested as future ‘TikTok challenges’ and want to be clear: dangerous challenges and illegal behavior are not allowed on our platform and will be removed. While we do not currently see evidence of these supposed ‘challenges’ on our platform, our safety teams have and will continue to work tirelessly to enforce our Community Guidelines and remove violative content, including content promoting ‘devious licks’. We expect teens to use common courtesy whether they’re online or offline.

TikTok is committed to reaching parents and guardians by supporting messages on the importance of ongoing conversations with teens about being good citizens online and offline, as we are doing through our collaboration with National PTA.

We want to make you aware of the TikTok Guide for Parents we created with National PTA, as it contains critical information about the parental controls available to families on TikTok as well as digital safety information.

Here is how to report content you believe may violate TikTok’s Community Guidelines so that our safety team can review your report and take the appropriate action. To report a video:

  • 1. Long-press (also known as press-and-hold) on the video;
  • 2. Look for the pop-up and select ‘report’;
  • 3. Choose the appropriate policy;
  • 4. Tap ‘submit’.

You can visit TikTok’s Support page to learn more about reporting. Please know that we remain vigilant in our commitment to the safety of our community and will remove any content – including videos, audio, comments, and hashtags – as well as accounts that violate our Community Guidelines.

We urge families to have open and ongoing conversations about digital safety and etiquette to ensure they are using technology responsibly.

Disclosure: TikTok is a Proud National PTA Sponsor. National PTA does not endorse any commercial entity, product, or service.

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