School Based Decision Making

School Based Decision Making

PTAs/PTSAs: Please make sure that your PTA/PTSA understand that SBDM is different from PTA/PTSA. Know the difference between rules for your PTA officer elections and your SBDM elections. Be prepared for your SBDM elections in the spring.


Q: Who can vote? My child’s grandmother volunteers in the school all the time, can she vote?
A: While we love all volunteers, that doesn’t make you eligible to vote. The only people who are eligible
is the parents/legal guardian(s) to a student who will is enrolled for the upcoming term.
Grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins etc. can only vote if they are the legal guardian of the student.

Q: I have multiple children; can I vote per child?
A: No, each parent/guardian only gets 1 vote total.

Q: My child is a 5th grader; can I vote in SBDM elections for the Elementary school?
A: No. You can only vote for the school that your child is going to be enrolled on during the SBDM term.
If you have a younger child in the school than you can vote because they are in school, however, if you
only have an outgoing child you are no longer eligible to vote.

Q: I have an incoming Kindergarten (6th grader, 9th grader) am I eligible to run for SBDM? Am I eligible to
vote for SBDM?
A: Yes, as long as your child is pre-registered at the time of the elections.

Q: Are teachers/staff allowed to vote in SBDM Parent elections?
A: If they have a child who is enrolled (or is preregistered) in the school for the SBDM term, then yes.


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