Outstanding Local Unit Website Award

Outstanding Local Unit Website Award

April 15
Complete information can be found in the application.
Maintaining a PTA/PTSA website is an excellent way to publicize your involvement in school and community.
PTA/PTSA website may be part of a school district website or an education-based commercial site offering free web space such as “Myschoolonline,” etc.

Local Unit Website Award Criteria

  • 1. Must have current, accurate information and include local, Kentucky & National PTA information.
  • 2. Must use correct grammar and spelling and have easily readable text.
  • 3. Must avoid empty pages.
  • 4. Must be user-friendly and appealing.
  • 5. Must include the PTA/PTSA contact information and calendar.
  • 6. Must include mission, purposes, and goals.

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