National PTA President on Critical Race Theory

National PTA President on Critical Race Theory

PTA Leaders,

We know this is a critical time for you with the issue of critical race theory being highly debated in state legislatures, school board meetings and the media. We also know the issue will likely continue to be a topic of much conversation and debate in the coming months as a new school year begins, legislatures return from summer recess, and our country enters the 2021 election season.

Please find attached to this [letter] a document that seeks to provide information and messaging on National PTA’s position and response to inquiries on critical race theory. Volunteers and staff have created these talking points, and we encourage you to use them to guide your own responses to your membership, partner organizations, stakeholders and media on the issue. We will also be posting the document on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page on our website as well as including it in our next Leadership Briefing and Advocacy Insider newsletters.

National PTA’s goal for this issue is to clearly state what we believe is in the best interest of our students while avoiding the polarizing debates that are more about politics than education. We hope the attached document will be a helpful resource to you.Sincerely,
Anna King
National PTA President

Guidance and Talking Points, Sample Statement (PDF)

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