Christa McAuliffe Rising Star Award

Christa McAuliffe Rising Star Award

Deadline: February 15
This award is given in honor of teacher and astronaut Christa McAuliffe,
“What are we doing here? Reaching for the stars.”
Kentucky PTA’s “Christa McAuliffe” Rising Star Award recognizes students who have successfully worked through obstacles to improve performance in school, character, and self-esteem.
Complete information can be found in the application.

Rising Star Criteria

-PTAs and PTSAs should work with school counselors, teachers and principals in selecting a nominee from their school.
-The nominee need not have reached his/her complete goal.
-Nominations may not exceed 5 pages (the application and background information on the student including challenges, goals set, and achievements); one side only, double-spaced, type no smaller than 10 point; and may not be reduced.
Note: If material from the application is to be used in the presentation, the recipients’ parents/guardians will be contacted.

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