Leaders’ Notebook for PTAs and PTSAs

The 2018-2019 Leaders’ Notebook is now out. The Financial Review and Officers’ List Forms can be found in the quick links on the left hand side of the website.

Dear PTA/PTSA Leaders,

Congratulations on your new role as a leader and advocate for children in Kentucky. Your PTA/PTSA and elected leaders are one of the keys for success for your students, school, community, district, and Kentucky PTA. All depend on your volunteer work to enhance these successes. This handbook is for you and other officers/leaders in your PTA/PTSA. The Leaders’ Notebook is below. It is so important for you to share these materials with everyone in your PTA/PTSA. It is filled with information that will help with questions you may have, forms you will need, and great ideas to help your PTA/PTSA run smoothly. So please, review this notebook, make copies of the sections pertinent to each job on your board, and give each board member a copy to help with the new job adventure.

Leaders’ Notebook 2018-2019 – All forms are contained in the six parts below
LN Part 1 Introduction Awards Scholarships 2018-2019
LN Part 2 Advocacy and Legislation 2018-2019
LN Part 3 Basics and Bylaws of PTA 2018-2019
LN Part 4 Financial Matters 2018-2019
LN Part 5 Membership 2018-2019
LN Part 6 Programs 2018-2019

Individual Forms – These forms can also be found in the six parts of the Leaders’ Notebook

Local PTA Bylaws Approval Form 2018-2019
Advocacy Training Form 2018
Deposit Summary Form 2018-2019
District Membership Dues Payment Form 2018-2019
Donations Form 2018-2019
Financial Review Form 2019
Funds Received Form 2018-2019
Kentucky and National PTA Dues Payment Form 2018-2019
Insufficient Funds Letter Sample 2018-2019
Officers Information Form 2018-2019
Request for Payment Form 2018-2019

$500 Parent-Member Scholarship 2018-2019
$500 Student Scholarship 2019
$500 Teacher-Member Scholarship 2019

Honorary Life Recognition Award 2018-2019
KY PTA Student Leadership Recognition Award 2018-2019
Outstanding Classified Personnel Award 2019
Outstanding Educator Award 2019
Outstanding Local Unit Newsletter Award 2019
Outstanding Local Unit Website Award 2019
Outstanding Male Involvement Award 2019
Outstanding Membership Campaign Award 2019
Outstanding Programs and Projects Award 2019
Outstanding School Nurse Award 2019
Outstanding Volunteer Award 2019
Outstanding Volunteer Participation Award 2019
Proudfoot Award 2018 2019
Rising Star Award 2019
Self Esteem Award – Elementary 2018-2019
Self Esteem Award – Middle-High School 2018-2019