Kentucky PTA Kids’ Day

Kentucky PTA Kids’ Day

Kentucky Kids’ Day will be September 26, 2017. PTA Kids’ Day was established in 1985 to set aside one day just for our students. The goal is to send the message to each child that he or she is a special and unique individual who is respected and loved. Kentucky PTA Kids’ Day also serves as a day to make the public aware of the educational and personal needs of children and the role they play as our most important natural resource. If you can’t celebrate on the “official” day, hold a Kids Day event when it fits into your calendar.

I am special, you will see!
Kentucky PTA made this day for me!
We’re special kids from a special state!
It’s our special day, so let’s celebrate!
So let’s get together and cheer real loud!
We’re Kentucky kids and very proud!
Let’s join hands in unity
To show how special we can be!

Jane Boyer, Veralyn Eyermann and Rita Scott,
past Kentucky PTA board members.

Ideas for Kentucky PTA Kids’ Day from local PTA 2006-2007 winners.

Shirley Mann Elementary

Mann is a new school this year and wanted to make the first Kentucky PTA Kids’ Day a very special one. Since the school does not yet have a playground, the PTA volunteers put together “recess goodie bags” for each of the classrooms. These included outside recess toys such as hula hoops, a variety of playground balls, jump ropes, chalk, and inside recess toys such as games, puzzles, and playdough. Each bag was labeled with the teacher’s name and with the “Kids Across Kentucky – We are Special” poem attached. All students were given an “I’m a Great Kid” medal to wear around their necks and freshly popped popcorn for a snack. The halls and cafeteria were decorated with banners, posters, streamers and the “Kids Across Kentucky – We are Special” poems. The posters had all of the students’ names on them. The students proudly wore their medals and had a great time finding their names on the posters. They are reminded daily of this special even every time they use their goodie bags at recess.

Dunn Elementary

The PTA wanted the children to feel special and to remind them how much they are appreciated and respected. All the students participated in this fun-filled day as well as many parents and grandparents. This is the first time that activities took place throughout the entire day. The Courier-Journal newspaper was there to take pictures and featured the program in the “Neighborhood” section. The halls and cafeteria were decorated with posters saying “You are a star” and You are special”. The Cat in the Hat and the Dunn Dolphin greeted the students as they arrived at school. Volunteers served snacks in the morning. During lunchtime Mr. Magic performed magic tricks in the cafeteria. Healthy snacks were served for an afternoon treat. There was an assembly program for the entire school with songs and stories incorporating Kentucky heritage and culture. The children were certainly made to feel special all day long.

Other ideas for Kentucky PTA Kids’ Day activities are included in the Program section of the Kentucky PTA Leader’s Notebook in the Members Only area.