Kentucky Kids' Day

Kentucky Kids’ Day is the last Tuesday in September. PTA Kids’ Day was established in 1985 to set aside one day just for our students. The goal is to send the message to each child that he or she is a special and unique individual who is respected and loved. Kentucky PTA Kids’ Day also serves as a day to make the public aware of the educational and personal needs of children and the role they play as our most important natural resource. If you can’t celebrate on the “official” day, hold a Kids' Day event when it fits into your calendar.


I am special, you will see!
Kentucky PTA made this day for me!
We’re special kids from a special state!
It’s our special day, so let’s celebrate!
So let’s get together and cheer real loud!
We’re Kentucky kids and very proud!
Let’s join hands in unity
To show how special we can be!

Jane Boyer, Veralyn Eyermann, and Rita Scott, past Kentucky PTA board members.