Founder's Day

National PTA was formed on February 17, 1897. Founders Day is a reminder of the substantial role that PTA has played locally, regionally, and nationally in supporting parent involvement and working on behalf of all children and families. It’s a time to reflect and take pride in our many accomplishments, and to renew our commitment to be a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for parents, and a strong advocate for public education.
National PTA’s founders Phoebe Apperson Hearst and Alice McLellan Birney, and the founder of Georgia’s Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers, Selena Sloan Butler, were women of imagination and courage. They understood the power of individual action, worked beyond the accepted barriers of their day, and took action to literally change the world. They had a simple idea-to improve the lives and futures of all of our children. As much as other conditions in America may have changed, that idea has not. PTAs keep it alive.

Kentucky PTA/PTSAs celebrate Founder’s Day by sending a donation from their PTA to Kentucky PTA. Some PTA/PTSAs budget an amount each year and others collect donations during their meetings or other event. One half of all Founders Day gifts remain with Kentucky PTA and one half are sent to National PTA. Kentucky’s portions of all Founders’ Day gifts are used for outreach and leadership development work with local PTA/PTSAs.

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