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Outstanding Volunteer Award

Deadline extended! May 15, 2021
Complete information can be found in the application.
1. The nominee must meet the dictionary definition of a volunteer –“a person who voluntarily offers themself for a service or undertaking; a person who performs a service willingly and without pay”- for all services, activities and time described in the application.
2. The nominee is not required to be a parent or to have children in school.
3. Nominations may be submitted by a local PTA/PTSA or district PTA.
4. A PTA/PTSA may submit more than one nomination.

Volunteer Award Criteria

  • -Duration of service: 10 points
    • -Approximate Hours of Weekly Volunteer Service:___
    • -Years of Volunteer Service:___
  • -Type and quality of volunteer service: 30 points
    • -Emphasize the services provided to the student(s), parents, and school(s)
  • - Impact of volunteer service on the students, school, and community: 40 points
    • -Describe the positive changes in student performance, attendance, or behavior; describe the overall contribution to the students, school, and community.
  • - Recommendations (two required): 20 points
    • -This could include recommendations from other PTA/PTSA members, administrators, staff, teachers, students, or community members; include name, title, and contact information of persons submitting the recommendations.
  • Please attach page(s) addressing the above criteria. Limit: 5 pages (including the application); one side only, double-spaced, type no smaller than 10 point; and may not be reduced.