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Life Recognition

The entire cost of a Kentucky PTA Honorary “Life” Recognition is used for student, teacher-member and parent-member scholarships.
The deadline is two weeks before your presentation date.
Any PTA/PTSA may present a Kentucky PTA Honorary “Life” Recognition to a worthy person(s) in the school, community or state.
The honoree may be someone who has given outstanding service to children and youth—someone who has served as an advocate for children and youth in education, health, safety and/or legislation. Every PTA and PTSA has many deserving members among its volunteers, teachers and staff.
The honoree need not be a member of a PTA/PTSA nor a person well known beyond their own area of service. Examples: PTA/PTSA member, past or present; teacher; principal; cafeteria worker; mayor; police officer; school board member; legislator. There is no better way in which to honor these special people who contribute so much to our children and youth than in presenting them with a Kentucky PTA Honorary “Life” Recognition. When you give a Kentucky PTA Honorary “Life” Recognition, you not only honor someone who has made a contribution to children and youth, you also help support the Kentucky PTA Scholarship Fund.
Note: “Life” Recognitions are honorary. Recipients must join the PTA/PTSA each year to be a voting member.