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Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol

PTA is very concerned that Kentucky continues to rank in the bottom ten among states for child well-being. Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol began in 2004 as an effort to unite advocates from across the state to raise their voices together on behalf of children’s and families’ safety, health, education, and economic well-being. KY PTA is one of several child advocacy groups that help sponsor this event. Hundreds of advocates representing more than 40 counties bring children’s needs to state legislators. The impact of this advocacy day is determined by YOU! We encourage all PTA youth and youth advocates to speak up about what’s happening in Kentucky. Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol is held in Frankfort. Kentucky PTA “Speaking Up For Children” participants and other Kentucky PTA leaders will join advocates at the Capitol Rotunda for a rally and meetings with legislators on children’s issues.

To accomodate fewer people at the Capitol due to COVID-19, and to help still make a strong impact- Children’s Advocacy Day at the Capitol is now being held for a week! February 1-5, 2021!

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