File 990

Dear Local Unit Presidents and Treasurers,

Great news! Kentucky PTA has a new partnership with to provide a platform for all local units to e-file their necessary IRS 990 tax forms by November 15. This service is FREE to your local unit and will remind you to file and link you directly to’s secure IRS approved filing site.

How will this free service work? will send you weekly reminder emails until you file your 990 form. THE EMAILS WILL BE SENT FROM FILE990.ORG. When you click on the Complete Tax Form link in the email, you will be directed to a secure page with much (if not all) of your form pre-populated. The pre-populated information comes directly from the IRS and is based on your unit or council’s EIN.

Can I go to the site to file on my own?
Yes. Go to and click to get started. You will need to enter your EIN. After this, the form will pre-populate with your unit’s data.

Where do we send the 990 once completed? is an IRS approved e-submitter so you can easily submit and file online on their site. You can also print a copy for your records. Send a copy to Kentucky PTA at 148 Consumer Lane, Frankfort, Kentucky, 40601.

How much does cost?
THERE IS NO COST TO YOUR LOCAL UNIT. This is a free member benefit from Kentucky PTA. You do not need a coupon code, entering your EIN will trigger the free benefit. You do have to click “Proceed to Payment” but no fee will be charged on the next screen.

Can I file 990Ns for previous (missed) years?
Yes, when you enter your EIN, the screen will show you the years that need to be filed for your unit or council. You select the year to be filed and proceed. Then select the next year that needs to be filed and complete the process. You can and should file multiple years in one online session.

Is there a cost to file previous years’ 990s?
No, this is a FREE service provided by Kentucky PTA and Other providers charge on average $19.99 for each year filed.

Can I file my unit or council’s 990EZ on the site?
Yes, you can file the 990EZ through Simply email’s CPA, Cindy Neal, Provide your EIN and tell her you want to file your PTA’s 990EZ. She will let you know what information she needs to file your 990EZ.

Please view this short video. It will give you an overview of the process and show you the type of email you will receive from

Questions? Contact Kentucky State PTA office at (502) 226-6607.

Cherie Dimar
Kentucky PTA President