Mental Health in Schools Act: Ask your Member of Congress to Cosponsor

Mental Health in Schools Act: Ask your Member of Congress to Cosponsor!

Support Student Access to Mental Health Services


Ask your Members of Congress to Cosponsor the Mental Health in Schools Act – Take Action!

Recent tragedies across the nation have highlighted the need – more than ever – for improved access to mental health services.  Despite research showing the importance of school-based mental health services, nearly 70 percent of adolescents living with mental illness do not receive treatment. The American School Counselor Association recommends one school counselor for every 250 students, yet the national average during the 2010-2011 school year was one counselor for every 471 students.

Please urge your Members of Congress to cosponsor the Mental Health in Schools Act,  legislation which has been introduced in the last several Congresses,  and would establish a grant program to school districts to expand access to mental health services by providing vital assistance to utilize innovative community partnerships in training school staff, volunteers, families, and other members of the community to recognize the signs of child and adolescent behavioral health problems and refer them for appropriate services.