Kentucky PTA Legislative Priorities

Each year the Kentucky PTA legislative team reviews the issues that we will focus on during the upcoming legislative session. Using both the adopted Kentucky PTA and National PTA legislative platforms and resolutions as a reference and considering the needs in Kentucky, the legislative team drafts proposed priorities to present to the state board of directors. The board votes on these suggested priorities at the fall board meeting. Upon adoption, the priorities are delivered to each Kentucky legislator at the beginning of the yearly session. They are also shared with our many partners in education and health and safety.


1. In order to prevent any service reductions and maintain equity for all students, public charter schools must not divert funding from existing
non-charter public schools.
2. Charter Schools must ensure access for all children, be free of tuition and be reflective of district population.
3. Charter schools must be subject to the same assessment, accountability standards, and certification as non-charter public schools, in order to ensure high quality education for all children.
4. Charter schools must adhere to the service standards for students with special needs (IEP, 504 plans), including which entity is to be the local education agency (LEA) responsible for providing these services and how they are to be funded.
5. Charter schools must meaningfully engage parents in transparent authorizing, review, and any decision-making processes, including the involvement of at least two parents on all levels of charter boards.

1. Maintain or increase funding for adequate K-12 public school education.
2. Oppose any voucher or tax credits.
3. Support tax reform to increase public school funding.

1. Oppose any reduction in authority and/or dismantling of school based decision-making councils (SBDM) in schools, which includes parent engagement.


We need to invest in our children who are our future.  Everychild, one voice.  Let’s make this happen.